Photos that were taken at the Jazz evening at the German-American Center DAZ, in Stuttgart, Germany & various outdoor performances.

View some very special 'kodak moments' of photos from some of our performances at outdoor cafes throughout Europe, i.e. the Ziegelei Seebad in Schorndorf and at the DAZ event in Stuttgart. What a treat it is for us to play and to watch the expresssions of happiness on people's faces in the see their feet stomping to the rhythm of our music that swings with a boop-boopy-doop watch them joyfully dancing away their troubles to standard Jazz classics, to sultry, seductive Latin beats and music that joyfully swings the crowd onto the dance floor. We simply enjoyed the friendly people, the fantastic wine  & beautiful flowers throughout our tour.


"Recently Razza Matazz has been the recipient of acclaim, written in a German newspaper titled, the 'Schorndorfer Nachrichten'. The journalist Thomas Milz, described our trio with the following words translated from German into English: 

"What fun it is to listen to these three virtuoso musicians playing their version of 'The Girl from Ipanema'. Played in a manner without being contrived, with the experience of life and a laid back charm. Cool, relaxed, yet possessing full intensity! This mixture of Razza Matazz, which the name 'performance' implies, consists of the standards of Blues, Jazz and Latin genre."

Quote & English Translation by Mr. Thomas Milz, from the Schordorfer Nachrichten.

How pleased we were to receive such a praise worthy review and we look forward to many more positive and well acclaimed critiques in the future! Razza Mattazz Trio thanks you!

We chose the name 'Razza Matazz' not only because it has a snappy, jazzy sound to it, but because the actual meaning of the name stems from the New York City Broadway term used for 'show' or 'performance'.  Let's just say that our trio has  r e a l  Razza Matazz!


Photographic copyright acknowledgement to fotodesign Doris Bredow and to Uka Meissner-Deruiz, for their wonderful photos. Thank you in addition to the 'Kunsttreff am Marktbrunnen' in Winnenden and to the German American Artist's group where we performed several times. 

in die Deutsche Sprache:

Bilder vom der Jazzabend in der Deutsch Amerikanische Zentrum DAZ, in Stuttgart, Germany & diversen anderen.

Ein besonderes Dankeschön an Frau Christiane Pyka, Erika Alber & Waltraud Cogan und der DAZ! Mehr Infos über dieses Veranstaltung finden Sie unten:


Ebenso vielen Dank an Doris Bredow für Ihre wunderschönen Bilder von Kunsttreff am Marktbrunnen in Winnenden! Fotos made by fotodesign doris bredow

Bericht über Razzamattaz Trio
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Bericht über Razzamatazz

Räzza Matäzz Trio
Räzza Matäzz Trio